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. >>> well, we've all seen the videos people using cell phones to record police officers us usually doing something that makes the cops look pretty bad. now some officers have started wearing their own cameras. you may not notice them at first, but rob all right lyles shows us how to spot them. >> reporter: suiting up once meant a badge and a gun. now it means a recording device as well. >> just so i can record myself when i stop people. >> reporter: motor officer jason scott has been paranoid complaints and lawsuits alleging officer misconduct have increased in the last decade. usually in a battle of he said she said. but that's about to change. >> this is the new age of policing. >> reporter: 15 oakland officers are now wearing on their chests, the portable video system. it records both video and then audio that is then sent to superiors at the end of each shift. >> i'm able to record everything, you know, and i'm able to download it. it's there, you have a record of it. so i can go on to the computer and log on. it's like you have a folder with all your contacts. >> reporter: the camer
. >> she ended up moving -- using all this money for her personal use. trip to las vegas. paid her rent. paid for her food. entertainment. >> reporter: the deputy da told us that she is charged with attitude criminal -- with 29 criminal counts. her public defender entered a plea of not guilty. >> reporter: whatever the financial loss or personal hurt, it hasn't diminished the spirit. >> reporter: one told us they just want to move on. other student, reacted this way. >> i would feel very disrespected, violated. i think people work hard for their money and they want to put it into a place it would be trusted. >> you trust people and then at the take advantage. >> i hope they can raise some money and i'd like to do anything i can to help. >> reporter: out $20,000 they are hoping to bounce back. the d a's office says its working with the university police to recover the money. in san francisco. >>> ac transit riders are about to pay the price for a budget short fall. just an hour ago the agency announced which routes it is getting rid of. we will show you some trips that used to require on
weeks ago when officers responded to a fight. chp is telling us that while valdamaro is accused of pointing some type of weapon at the officers they will not say what that weapon was. they will only say he refused commands to put the weapon down. we also asked hercules police exactly what leads they may have on the missing fredic there is still no lead on him. to wrap up the details the murder suspect from hercules has been shot and killed inside the mall. a young believed to be his girlfriend have been killed outside of the mall and the hunt continues for the murder victims son. >> obviously there is a very fluid situation. the investigation continues. thank you. we want to apologize for that one shot that we had there of a victim lying on the uncovered. we regret that. thank you. >>> also tonight police say a man arrested in connection with separate shootings is a known member of an east oakland street game. officers arrested 26-year-old phillip grimes last night. they say he was hiding out at a realtives apartment and had weapons with him. he suspected of shooting in a group
and its used as a spear. >> weapons from everything, even bones. what inmates are piecing together behind bars. we're going to take you inside. >>> by biobaseing, your online videos load instantly. >>> it would be funny if it weren't so pa threatic. no more money for toilet paper. where the supply is running thin. >> reporter: well, i have to offer you a rid dell. is the state so broke that it can't aford toilet paper. well, the answer, does aware go in the woods? i'm not offering bad bathroom humor. i am offering a warning saying if the state does not reach a budget soon, the next time you visit a state park, it's you who will be going bare in the woods. >> reporter: you never miss your flewy softness until it runs empty. they are trying to keep up with an explosion in vice tores and all they leave behind. >> we are using our materials. the stock pile is going down. >> reporter: the basics, but the chief of maintenance may find his cub -- >> reporter: consider this, credit cards allow state workers to buy toilet paper and other supplies without going all the way to sacramento. the bank i
flatly denies ever receiving a notice so gloria sent us an e-mail, it reads, meg whittman denies receiving a letter from social security. we will release our evidence tomorrow. now with new polls showing one in five voters are still undecided and the governor's race is a dead heat it'll be interesting to see dana if the new revelations change voter's opinion. >> absolutely. you mentioned you are in front of whittman's home. any activity there? >> there is absolutely no activity. very quiet with the neighbors, police did drive by earlier tonight as we were setting up the live shot. they let us stay there. is still no activity inside the house. the house is dark. >> thank you. >> just about everybody knows hiring illegal immigrant social security against the law. just how are you supposed to figure out whether people are allowed to work here in the united states? what is involved. >> reporter: go just about any park anywhere around the bay and you will find nannies taking care of the kidded probably a number of them are undocumented. sarah a mom and former marine can stay at ho
start the workweek. let's get the latest on how the heat will hit us. >> just not used to this heat. we never saw it during the summer. now hear we are. 99 degrees for a high in livermore. 97 santa rosa, 95 degrees in san rafael. you get the idea. very hot temperatures. as we look toward tomorrow it'll be hotter in spots. you could get to 100 degrees in livermore. the century mark in more began hill. santa rosa close to that and san francisco interesting there but we are pushing up into the 08's again. there will likely be the peak of the heat. when will we cooldown? we will talk about that. >> the heat didn't stop firefighter's efforts in sonoma. they contained that fire that started just after noon yesterday. nearly 100 acres burned. the highway was closed overnight but it has since been reopened. one firefighter was hurt fighting the flames and is in the hospital. >>> hundreds of tea party supporters rallied in the heart of the bay area. what's attracting millions to the movement. >> reporter: music and traditional themes familiar but gathering in mill valley they don't want to be i
department to come back and tell us any news that they may have found and we got a call, a knock on the door from the coroner and the coroner was standing two police officers and at that moment i just knew it wasn't good. we had her that -- had indicated he saw jessica die and that there was nothing he could do to save her. i went to the hospital and hoped that maybe he could give me something to hope for. we were told by neighbors that they saw jessica run out after him. he had ran back in and then saw her run after him. then we could never confirm she was still alive so that little hope was there for us and the knock on the door this afternoon just confirmed what our greatest fear was. >> family members say the boyfriend was in the hospital with burns to 50% of his body. >>> and we talked to another man who barely escaped the explosion. >> all the sudden i was just walking and my floor completely came -- wood floors just exploded up. threw me against the wall, after that i got up, went to the back door and i looked out and saw my hot tub and everything was on fire, the backyard, flames s
understand the word risk was used and my understanding of that is it refers to high consequence area and that is a definition in pipeline regulatory terms that relates to population density and not to the strength or integrity of the. >> are the folks over this pipeline are they in some danger or risk? >> we have thoroughly surveyed all of our gas transmission facilities up and down there and they checked out safe. >> reporter: i mentioned pipeline 132 was identified as one of the top 100 at risk by pg&e in it's material, but actually the la times is reporting that the mosque at risk -- most risk ---- at risk -- a lot of people are worried. a man called pg&e and said he smelled gas. they sent a crew that reported there is a small amount of natural gas in the area. this is happening. folks are worried and not to meaning the concern as these pipelines are right underneath neighborhoods and in fact a lot of people here want to know, a lot of people across the state want to know, how come they are not told that when they buy a home. a lot of the officials hearsay they need to make a way
-known. robert lyles shows us how. >> reporter: i want you to consider this. oakland voters elected jerry brown mayor twice. in fact, this city is largely democratic. but it is however an office for the republican opponent. so does the fact that meg whitman has leased space right here in the middle of oakland offer a window or is it a view into a political blunder. >> meg whitman's campaign says the gubernatorial hopefully opened this office in mid-july for one reason. >> well, we believe it will be very close. so we need to fight for every vote, in oakland, in san francisco, in san jose, every vote in the bay area. >> reporter: when the cameras arrived, it was easy to see directly into the front windows. but after we informed her campaign of our story tonight, the entire front window was covered with this. >> for anyone who lives in oakland, those of who us live here, we know that office is opened occasionally at most. it's mostly for show. >> reporter: but the republican hopeful says it's just like an office that's opened in east la and is an effort to woo minority voters. >> we are going aft
serve more than 1600 students, robert liles shows us, on the, the classmates warned closures to lead to violence. robert? >> reporter: well, ken, consider this. the west contra costa school district says there is no more money so the city of richmond stepped into the tune of 1 1/2 million dollars and saved three schools in this city from closing. well, now, the board wants the district to take, or wants the city to take that a step further, and save those schools for two years. now one councilman tells us that they are being financially bullied by the board but, about to see, pending elections just may sway tonight's vote. closing kennedy high school is more like a lecture in history. >> there's been generations passed through this school. >> reporter: a seminar on psychology. >> it's like a home wrecker, like tearing down schools, that's a home wrecker. >> reporter: and a term paper on how to encourage social unrest. >> gangs from this school don't like gangs from other schools. therefore, if you combine those two it would be like massive destructions in school. >> reporter: but for
to work. >> it used to ring to start a show or ring at the end of intermission. so many of our patrons who have been coming here for years really love it and miss it. >> the medical about el was cast in 1908 and will be returned to the theater's court yard where will it get the audience to seats on time again. >> we want to know why it didn't function the way it was supposed to. >> because if it had america's wouldn't have happened. ster the million pound clue that could finally tell us what went wrong in the gulf. >>> a warning for dog owners. the popular treat that could make your pet sick. >> the cbs5 weather center. labor day shaping up to be great. the forecast next. ♪ texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at capitalone.com. why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to capitalone.com!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help m
the nondescript warehouse and asked us not to show the address because they are worried about security. >> we do not produce this for the general public this is only produced for medical co-ops who sell it for very desperately ill patients it is a very close system. >> it is against federal law what do you do about that? >> it is legal under california law. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney general said the feds will not go after those obeying state law but isn't the union staking a risk? >> we can't use union money to get someone out of jail or anything like that. hopefully it will never come to anything like that. >> reporter: as the marijuana industry continues to blossom, union recruitment will increase. new fingers for the song of solidarity. ♪ [ music ] >>> a coalition of medical marijuana advocates came out against prop 19 the california cannabis association says that measure would harm patients allowing local governments to prohibit sale of it in their areas. supporters say it will provide safer and easier access to medical marijuana. >> four years since california executed anyone, and th
of trash using eyes, and a dog and equipment. they picked that because it gets trash from the north shore business park in hercul es. police found a car there owned by one of the two women found dead in vallejo. it's parts of a murder spree that ended with five dead, one missing one man left to answer questions. that man, charles rittenhouse found living in the home with the body of one woman inside and the body of another in the backyard. he was arrested for possession of explosives and had his first court appearance today. simon perez was there. >> possessions of ingredients to make a device. >> reporter: he stood silent before a judge. the she said he had no bad motives november the depleted uranium. he remains in jail on charges of possession explosive devices. >> i don't think he has done anything wrong. he is a victim. >> reporter: the attorney excluded him from having anything to do with the deaths of the two women found at his house. his wife and her friend. >> he had been there the night before and on tuesday he went to work and i can tell through were no bodies monday night.
tells us why. >> reporter: ask most to describe lake merritt. >> usually think it's safe. >> reporter: so safe, women work out alone and more often than not with head phones or cell phones. >> everybody, especially by themselves, are all walking around with an ipodin their ear. >> police are saying remove the head phones and keep the eyes peeled. the attacker seems to be using the cover of darkness. as two women fell victim last night within hours of one another. >> we are going to have to find someplace else to walk. >> reporter: we would like to tell you the exact street, but police did say each attack happened in a is he included neighborhood around lake merritt where there are not many streetlights. >> i will probably be a little more careful. >> reporter: so what's recommendation from oakland police tonight? be vigilant. especially as you enter and exit the car. police are even saying to immediately lock the door once you are inside. it seems to all suggest that the two women last night were attacked either inside their car or very close to the car and quite possibly this all hap
and that costs us money. >> reporter: the fact that it's become popular i think is really going to help and i hope it stays popular. >> reporter: the parent who launched this child's letter to santa probably didn't mean hard. >> this shouldn't be found in the water. >> in the water. >> reporter: the volunteers say they do feel they are making a difference. organizers stress this is just the beginning. >> this is a great start. people come out and see how much trash is getting in to the bay where it affects fish and wildlife and then we need everybody to go home and work on making sure that cities stop this trash from getting in to the bay. >> reporter: in south san francisco. john raymond. >> not so warm welcome for the house speaker. where protesters were waiting. >> much better at picking art than commercial real estate. state. >> a mini bailout by the highest bidders . >> i'm working really hard to make a living for my kids without exploiting them. . and octo mom holds a garage sale. why she is desperate to beef up or bank account. >> the cw. we have that sunshine and the heat. man
smelling gas to contact us. >> reporter: today the california utilities commission ordered pg and e to inspect the natural gas system with a priority on transmission lines like the one that exploded in san bruno. they ordered utility to savor work and if money was spent on pipeline safety. we are learning more about the gas line itself. the ruptured segment was considered in a high consequence area meaning it should get more inspections the company said the lane was slated to be replaced. the company said they are proactive and makes repairs as need. whether the cause of the blast was a weld failure, impact from construction or metal fatigue, ntsb will have to dig to find out. >> there are lots of reasons why it could have failed and getting in to the -- the crater will help us gather to make that determination. >> reporter: now the ntsb is asking for anybody with information to let them know. san bruno at ntsb.gov. >> thank you. of the six people reported missing this morning the city said two had been found alive. that leaves four people still unaccounted for. four deaths have b
-- everybody can god willing be more educated fix their perspective toward us. >> reporter: this is the 6th year of the celebrations at great america. they say they have averaged 3,000 each year along with nonmuslim friends. >> thank you very much. >>> a nevado teen is in critical condition and faces serious charges for a car crash that killed a 15-year-old friend. the young driver may have did not drinking and speeding when he lost control of his car yesterday. >> reporter: every 15 minutes someone dies in an alcohol related car accident. in april the students of nevado high participate in that simulation to illustrate it but today they deal with the real thing. >> we saw the bmw, the car they were driving it was going toward our school and then the truck was behind it and we saw like the helicopters and i saw the yellow tarp. >> reporter: the crash site is now cleaned up and a vigil stands in its place with a picture of the 15-year-old boy who died here yesterday. among the flowers and the crosses is a letter from his family that starts dear nephew, there is so so much i hoped to share
as these drinks used more and more. >> reporter: we are back live with the colorful cans here. the attorney general's office said that the marketing appears to target youth and illegal audience and accordingly they are investigating whether it's legal and dana the fda is investigate if it's legal. you can't just add caffeine to any solution, think about soda for example. there is only a certain amount they are allowed to add this has a lot of caffeine and of course a lot of alcohol. . >> never heard of the stuff but i will be calling my college daughter tonight. >> reporter: yes, colleges and high schools. >> thank you. >> death row inmate who was scheduled to be put to death tomorrow night has had his excuse delayed to allow time for another appeal. that means another wait for the victim's family. robert lyles on what the man did to the family of the girl he raped and killed. >> reporter: tonight the governor is deny that delay has any roots in consideration for clemency saying that albert brown has not exhausted his full cache of appeals. the governor's office said that won't happen un
with chemicals for ---- it did not use -- >>> the east buy man who police say -- is back in the bay area tonight. 20-year-old andrew was arrested in san diego county near the mexican border on saturday. investigators say he confessed to shooting officer todd young last friday as young tried to arrest him on a domestic violence warrant. young is in serious but stable tonight. he is scheduled to be arraigned next week. >>> three people were killed today when a small plane crashed into a shallow lagoon in red wood city. one of the dead was a 91-year- old man, a world war ii veteran. witnesses say the twin engine plane went into a dive and plunged into the water shortly after takeoff. some say the pilot made a here rowic decision. >> reporter: they swam as close as they could, they kind of stayed away from the gas slick so they couldn't get anyone right to the plane until the first emergency driver got here. >> we did find approximately a 40-year-old woman who was just outside of the aircraft in the water. and pulled her to the shore line. she is deceased. >> reporter: witnesses who live and work in
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